Boy Ordered Food Costing 13k For Her Ex-Girlfriend As Revenge

Revenge stories are always fun to read. But this guy actually took it to another level. So, a boy named Harris posted it in a group on Facebook that his ex-girlfriend who left him just because he couldn’t buy her a gift on her birthday, texted him and told him that she is hungry.


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The boy then being the nicest ex of this world ordered pizza for the girl that too of her own choice with some extra ketchup.

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Boy asked girl not to pay for the order as he has already paid for it through his credit card.

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This is where the whole story took a new turn. Everything was going great until the rider arrived and asked for money.

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The boy also shared the screenshots of the food he has ordered. He ordered bulk of food costing rupees 13 thousand and then he blocked the girl.

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