Breathtaking Locations In Recent Dramas

Get ready folks! Now and then we get a chance to catch a glimpse of some extraordinary places. So here we take a closer look at what we’ve come across recently, in our Pakistani dramas:

1. Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan in Diyar e Dil: This truly has to be the show stealer with its magnificent scenery. Be it the river side or the rugged mountains, this emotional story on family bonds and relations, the background wins you over.


2. Sukhur in Mol: It’s been a month since this drama went on air and yes the location adds another feel alongside the journey of the newlywed Emaan and Shehriyaar. Lets see how it unfolds.


3. Muree in Pehchaan: A year back the writer of Talkhiyan captured a powerful story of three main characters: Laila, Kuku, and Mansoor. The cold weather totally reflected the feelings of the characters.


4. Hyderabad in Pyaray Afzal: needless of an intro, those styled homes of Farah and Afzal, the open cricket fields, and mystery in the air made a great blend!

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The setting in Jugnoo with the narrow path and the hillsides are also captivating. In Aun Zara, Lahore provided the the humour- filled dialogues the perfect platform. The sea- view and Kolachi trip in Zindagi Gulzar Hai was a treat. And for capturing the true essence all credit goes to the production, direction, and editing teams, that along with the soothing OSTs, these make for a perfect watch!

Feel free to share your thoughts. Much more can be added to this list.

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