Call To Release Their Next Music Video on New Year’s Eve

The band (Call) which has been associated to music since years and reunited last year only is all set to release their new music video on the New Year’s Eve. In conversation with The Express Tribune, Xulfiqar Jabbar Khan (known as Xulfi) said, Call has been together for 15 years. “We are releasing a music video to celebrate the band’s 15 years together.”

He further shared how did the idea of the music video came to him, “It just occurred to me that we have a ton of footage from concerts, behind-the-scenes and other ventures. As I was going through them, I realised we could make a video out of them as a tribute to the fans.”

Call To Release Their Next Music Video on New Year's Eve

Xulfi went on to thank listeners for the support they have extended to the band over the years. “Call has seen a lot of ups and downs but our fans have stuck with us through it all. With this video, we want to thank them for their support.”

As far as the band’s future is concerned, there’s only one thing for sure. “The future of Call is music. It doesn’t matter whether we come up with singles or an album or just do concerts. We are here to stay and make music again. That’s the reason we got back together,” Xulfi explained.

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt