Celebrities Extend Eid Wishes

Eid ul Azha 2018 is here and Pakistani celebrities are here for it. Almost all big names took to their social media and wished their followers a very happy eid.

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Eid Mubarak everyone 😊

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#EidMubarak. Yes, I am a meat eater but that doesn't make witnessing these public executions any easier. The idea of poor people getting to eat meat is good, but two things, if you'll allow me. The poor need education, everyday roti/daal and jobs far more than excessive meat once a year. And secondly, more than half the meat goes to people like us (family, friends etc) who eat meat all year around anyway. We'll have ample Bar B Q's to attend. Could help the poor by educating an average of three children annually with the money we'll spend on these goats. Let's actively try and not be victims of tradition and all that's symbolic. Understand the REAL spirit of sacrifice because that's lost somewhere in between. Having said all this, because sacrifice is necessary, here are a few things I can only request you to take care of to ensure its all done the right way: 1. Keep the animals well. Feed them. Respect them. Give them a nice place to live and give them ample space to move around instead of keeping them tied by short ropes on stairways in buildings etc. 2. Don't sacrifice one in front of another. They understand, they know and feel fear. DO NOT make videos. Don't let anyone do so either. 3. Make sure the butcher is an actual professional who knows his work so that the cut is so smooth the animal feels no pain. That's the way it supposed to be done. There is a complete manual on it. They usually make a mess here in Pakistan with the animal struggling and half the mohalla trying to put it 'down' 4. Try and love but also respect its life, will you? So you feel the actual pain of sacrifice in the name of Allah. Like you're giving away your favourite belonging. Even if he's a smaller cow than everyone else's. #camels are trending, I see. 5. Don't forget the purpose of sacrifice. Paying hefty prices, buying a herd, having sacrifices all day and having kids run the blade on the animal and having biryani parties isn't what's important. To feel personal loss, to sacrifice only one but to feel the pain & to do it gently, privately, without the animal feeling ANY pain, in the name of Allah is the best way to go. May our sacrifices be accepted by the Almighty.

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عید مُبارک !

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