Celebrities Reaction On Uzma Khan Incident

Uzma Khan incident is now everywhere on the internet. Its trending on twitter. People are sharing their views and are now demanding justice. Its obvious that no one is pious in this case, but this isn’t a way to teach anyone a lesson. If they wanted to teach a lesson to anyone it must be Mr. Usman not these girls.

People are now demanding justice for Uzma Khan. Some of our celebrities also got involved in this scenario and they are also of the view that this is a criminal act and those people who are responsible for it must be charged.

Here we have reactions from some of our celebrities, have a look at them:

Hania Aamir

Osman Khalid Butt

Armeena Rana Khan

Sakina Samo

Jasmeen Mansoor

Iqrar Ul Hassan 

Aamir Liaquat Hussain

Fiza Shoaib

Sarwat Gillani

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After seeing the videos of three women barging into Uzma’s house with 20 gunmen and did what they did is inhuman, this is a criminal act and is punishable by law. Why didn’t the wife and mother of the man involved make a video beating up their son and husband, throwing spirit on him and breaking and stealing his personal belongings. Just because a powerful family name is attached, no one is placing an FIR. Apparently the wife of the said man in the video is using the dirtiest language and is seen brutally beating Uzma and her sister. And later with a duppta on her head making a satisavitry video and diverging from the real subject. This is pathetic. Her behaviour in the video and her language show what a savage person she is and probably why HER HUSBAND doesn’t want to be with her. Whatever the matter is HE is the home wrecker. He was married, he was committed in a relationship then why only shame the girl? Why not keep their dirty laundry at home and not do these cheap things because what they seem like in the videos is their real self. Belonging to a wealthy family doesn’t give anyone the right to barge into anyone’s house and go savage on them. @uzmakhanofficial we are here for you and with you. You may be an orphan but you are as much a citizen of Pakistan as these cheap wealthy powerful people. May Allah protect us from such entitled people.

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Farah Saadia

Mahira Khan

Zara Noor Abbas

Yasir Hussain

Celebrities Reaction On Uzma Khan Incident


Usman Mukhtar 

Celebrities Reaction On Uzma Khan Incident

Shaista Lodhi

Madeha Naqvi

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