Change in timings of dramas on Saturday evening at ARY Digital

8:00 PM is considered a premier slot for entertainment channels since old days of PTV when drama considered as prime television entertainment is aired. Following the tradition of PTV, current generation of private satellite channels schedule their best dramas for 8 PM time slot. Normally if a drama gets low TRP, it is shifted to 9:00 PM time slot.

Some two and a half months ago ARY Digital started two new dramas for Saturday evening named Goyaa and Dil Nahin Maantaa for 8 PM and 9 PM time slots respectively. Goyaa is relatively different from a routine formula drama, while Dil Nahin Maanta is the same evergreen successful formula story of one husband sandwiched in two wives.

Surprisingly from upcoming Saturday, ARY Digital has swapped the time slot of both dramas; i.e. now Goyaa at 9 PM and Dil Nahin Maantaa at 8 PM.

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Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali