Coke Studio’s House Band’s Experience Working with Strings.

Over the past decade, Coke Studio has definitely made a name for itself. In fact, it has become one of the biggest shows in the sub-continent. A lot of super hit songs have been produced on the show and we are all very thankful to Coke Studio for giving those hits to us. But producing amazing tracks requires not only artists working hard but also the house band of Coke Studio.

In 2013, after five years, Hyatt stepped down from the position of executive producer of Coke Studio and handed her mantle over to the Strings members Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia.

Most of us will agree that these guys produce great music but what we all also want to know is how they are as the bosses? Well, in a recent interview to a local news agency, members of the Coke Studio’s House band answered this question:

They’re both gems! Being a good musician is a whole different thing but they’re incredible human beings.

Haider Ali further praised his bosses,

Most importantly, I’ve been given full liberty to play whatever I want. I’ve worked with so many artists but the moment I joined Strings I knew I could not go anywhere else.

Asif Nicky, another member of the band, said,

I’ve been associated with the entertainment industry for over 15-16 years but have worked with Strings for the past 5-6 years. Working with Strings has been really good.

The experienced musicians also talked about what he finds special working with the Strings boys,

To me, quality in work is a priority and that’s why being associated with Strings is special for me,

The house band this season includes: Aahad Nayani, Kamran Zafar, Babar Khanna, Aziz Kazi, Imran Akhoond, Haider Ali, Omran Shafique, Shahab Hussain, Rachel Viccaji, Natasha Khan, Joshua, Bradley and Adeel.

It seems like Strings are getting a five-star review from the house band. Let’s hope they continue making everyone feel as welcomed and as comfortable that they do now.


Arsala Khalid