Dear Pakistani drama producers stop abusing women for ratings

Ever since Pakistani drama industry has gotten back on it’s feet our drama writers are following the same set of rules in each and every drama. The story petty much revolves around a young girl who is facing all sorts of troubles. This is referred to as the infamous ‘mazloom aurat’ storyline. In these dramas the women literally start crying after every 10 minutes.

In these dramas women are made to endure all sorts of physical, mental and emotional abuse. They are slapped, shoved and even kicked around on screen in front of millions of viewers that includes women, men and children of impressionable age. In a country where women already face high levels of domestic abuse it is highly condemnable that our writers and directors instead of working to change this mindset are actively promoting it! I mean seriously what kind of message are you sending out there? That it is OK to abuse women. I know husbands who frequently abuse their wives who are avid watchers of these shows. One such despicable being was a regular watcher of Geo’s infamous ‘kalmoohi’ a show which was created to make the life of the heroine as tragic as possible. However kalmoohi was not unique. Drama after drama brought forward such kind of eternally crying women with Mawra hocane, Sumbl Iqbal, Ayeza khan crying at each possible instance Ad nauseam.

I once read an interview of Faseeh bari khan where he said his producers asked him to add violence against women saying that this will boost TRP’s. He even stated how producers are even stooping so low as to have writers write scenes where women’s heads are shaved! (aurat ko ganja kerna saza ke liye). This is a new low even for our producers.

chup raho
What is most disturbing in these dramas are how frequently women are being shown as being sexually abused. This is followed not by women overcoming this incident or bringing the perpetrator to justice but are shown as being helpless, constantly crying and being blamed by the society for loosing their ‘honor’. Chup Raho is a recent example which reached a new low in all these categories. Here the lead actor Rameen was abused physically and emotionally. What was worse was how they showed these things repeatedly and how her tormentors escaped justice and were only punished in a ridiculous and totally unrealistic way.

What really shocks me is how many of these serials are written by WOMEN themselves. Either these ladies have no sense of right and wrong or they are self-hating women. Women who hate their own gender and keep degrading other women for the delight of millions. Or maybe these women are actually men writing under a female name! LOL

The impact of these dramas can be judged by the fact that domestic abuse rather then being something to be ashamed of is being accepted in mainstream society with even educated people arguing that it is permitted to hit women if they misbehave or disobey! Some people might say I’m exaggerating but it is sadly the truth. But what is even sadder that we are not doing any thing to change this mindset.

In these serials Women are shown as fragile dolls who must seek the protection of men or are stubborn women who get what is coming to them. It seems there are no normal women in these dramas. Every women is either a vamp or an angel!

Every entertainment channel airs these kinds of dramas with currently Geo leading this trend with ARY on a close second position. These channel rather then bringing forth quality entertainment are churning out such rubbish. It is time to send a clear message to these drama writers and producers. Stop exploiting women!

What are your thoughts on this subject? Please share them with us.

Talha Rizvi


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.