Designer Fahad Hussayn Shuts Down His Fashion Label

The renowned designer Fahad Hussayn who is known for his extensive and diverse designs is stepping down from his business. The fashion world has lost a creative and fabulous designer.

From making beautiful bridal outfits to creating iconic looks, Fahad Hussayn has done it all. But unfortunately due to his poor business decisions the brand has gone under bankruptcy.

The iconic designer took to social media and shared, “For as long as I can remember , art & fashion is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life , spending more than a decade learning the crafts & building my brand to what I always thought it should be.”

I completely failed to realise my biggest shortcomings , as an artist I’ve struggled with business skills , I thought with time and resources I could make my vision come to life on my own , but sadly not everything works out the way you want , maybe I don’t want to do the business , I just want to keep on creating art ,hence , with a heavy heart , Thank you to each one of you who shared your most precious moments with us with your beauty and je ne sais quois!

He shared his journey and wrote, “Fahad Hussayn as a brand is proud and very grateful for the amazing journey through the years creating iconic looks, memorable fashion moments and generations of beautiful brides through our work.

Fahad Hussayn announced, “In turnout to events that did not work in our favour, the brand has undergone bankruptcy and with a heavy heart, We are stepping down from business and bid you all adieu for this chapter in our story.

He concluded his note by thanking everyone. “My humble apologies for any mishandling on our part & Thank you once again for the love, support and appreciation – goodbye. Fahad Hussayn.”

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