Dua Malik Fainted During Her Rukhsati

Rukhsati is indeed the most frail jiff of a girls life. A girl leaves her house, her comfort zone, siblings, parents and moves to a new house and starts living with new people. Life takes a turn of 180 degrees after Rukhsati in a girls life. At time the way of living in new house is completely different and there are many adjustment problems as well that what every girl is afraid of.

There was a time when girls use to cry their heart out at the time of their Rukhsati. At times because of over bawling girls become dazed. But the things are changed now. Even though Rukhsati is still a resilient thing to encounter for every girl, but girls are more confident and educated. Brides do cry at the time of Rukhsati but no harrowing scene is created.

Dua Malik Fainted During Her Rukhsati

In these modern times Dua Mailk put us all in stupor by sharing a picture from her Rukhsati.

Dua Malik Fainted During Her Rukhsati

Dua Malik took Instagram story to share a picture from her Rukhsati and asked all the girls to share their Rukhsati moments as well. Dua Malik shared picture of her Rukhsati and wrote:

“Can you believe I got behosh at my Rukhsati”


Dua Malik got married to Sohail Haider in 2014 and now she is the mother of a son and a daughter. Did you also have any Rukhsati moment? Share it with us through comments section!

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