Dua Mangi Returns Home Safely And The Public Has Something To Say About This

A week after being kidnapped from Karachi’s upscale neighborhood at gunpoint, 20-year-old female student Dua Mangi has safely reached her home, according to her family. Moreover, the sources also claim that Mangi returned home on Friday night but the family is yet to comment on the matter.

Her maternal uncle Wasim Mangi confirmed her niece returned home Friday night, adding she is fine. Dua Mangi and her friend, Haris, were strolling along the road in DHA’s Bukhari Commercial area when unidentified armed men in a car intercepted them and took away the girl after shooting and injuring her friend.

Dua Mangi Returns Home Safely And The Public Has Something To Say About This

Her kidnapping triggered a public uproar on social media with protests held to press for her early and safe release. Dua was abducted on the night of November 30. Her friend, Haris Fatah, who was with her at the time of the abduction, was shot for putting up resistance.

The police authorities denied that the law student Dua Mangi was kidnapped for ransom.

Her safe return caused a stir on social media and the masses began to pray and wish Mangi on her coming back. Here’s how Twitter responded.

Jibran Nasir showed empathy towards Mangi and her family

Others stated that the family should be left alone for some time to recover from the incident 

This user believes that the entire episode was an act to gain popularity amongst the masses 

One user raised the concern about her injured friend Haris

More kidnapping concerns poured in by people

It will certainly take some time to recover from the trauma and there’s no denying that

How many Dua Mangi, Zainab Ansari and Nimrata Kumari do we have to make suffer in order to attain strict laws from the government? Violence against women in Pakistan is on the rise and its high time our government takes prompt action against it.

Pakistan ranks as the sixth most dangerous country in the world for women, with cases of sexual crimes and domestic violence recording a rapid rise and activists blame society’s patriarchal attitudes on the problem.

What do you all think about this? Although on the side note – stay safe.




Kinza Piracha

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