Emmad Irfani Was Offered A Bollywood Movie

Pakistan’s entertainment industry is full of talented actors and actresses. They are working really hard to impress their audience and improve the condition of our television and film industry. There was a time when the Pakistani showbiz was in downfall, but now, the situation is getting the opposite. Blockbuster films and dramas are under production, and soon the industry will achieve its goals. 


Many Pakistani actors and actresses are offered to play lead roles in Bollywood movies against famous heroes. Mahira Khan got lucky to work with Shahrukh Khan in Raees. But there are many other actors who rejected Bollywood offers for some particular reasons. 

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Emmad Irfani is one of the most handsome and talented actors of Pakistan television industry. His role against Saba Qamar in Cheekh was loved by the audience, and he gained massive popularity after the drama. He is an amazing model as well. He worked for many national and international brands and never failed to impress the viewers. 


Emmad recently appeared as a guest on Iffat Omar’s show, Say It All. During the interview, Iffat asked him does he feel bad that he was offered a Bollywood movie Veera Di Wedding with Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, but later things got weird and he was out of the film. To which he replied, YES! I honestly felt bad but now I am okay. 


In September 2016, the whole team was ready to work on the shooting of the film, everything was scheduled, but Kareena was expecting at that time and she said she will continue with the work after her delivery. The shooting got delayed for a whole year and things got changed in that year. But now he is a big nationalist, and he wants Pakistan to do well. 


Talking further to Iffat he said, “If they are not welcoming us, we don’t need to portray that we are dying to work with them.” We should make our mark with our own identity as a Pakistani.


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