Emotional Rukhsati Videos of Real-Life Brides From Instagram

Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding and an ideal life partner. Even though this wedding day is the most special day in the life of any girl, the moment of rukhsati can also be extremely emotional for all the brides. rukhsati is the moment when the bride bids farewell to her family and leaves for the groom’s house to start a new life. Even though it is a given that the girl would be moving out of her parents’ house after the wedding, the reality of the situation only sinks in while saying these goodbyes. Even those girls who are exceptionally happy and excited to start a new life get really emotional at the time of rukhsati. Sometimes, the other immediate and close family members get more emotional than the bride herself.

Nowadays, there is a trend that photographers share photographs and videos of real-life brides on their Instagram pages. While most families are not comfortable sharing these private and emotional moments with the world, there are some who have no issue sharing some of the most intense moments of the rukhsati with everyone else. Such moments make others emotional too and especially those women who are married and know what it feels like to leave their loved ones and move on to start a new life.

Here are some of the most emotional rukhsati videos of real-life brides from Instagram.

Family’s Bond

Some brides make it a point not to hug their family members before leaving on the barat event because it can be a really emotional moment for them. Others find it difficult to not say goodbye to their families even though they know they will be meeting them again the next day. It is really difficult to explain the emotions a bride and her family go through in such times because they can only be felt. Here is a video that makes these emotions so easy to feel!


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This is another emotional video with the perfect background score. The entire family even the kids are crying and it just goes to show the precious bond all of them share.


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Most Sentimental Goodbyes

There have been so many weddings of real-life brides that all of us who are active on Instagram witnessed throughout. These brides and families who were seen genuinely overjoyed on different functions, all of a sudden could not control their emotions at the time of rukhsati. There must be so many women and families out there who can relate to these sentiments and emotions. Here is a video that will definitely make everyone emotional.

Here is another video of a beautiful bride whose family found it impossible to control their emotions at the time of rukhsati. These sentiments are ones that are not easy to control.

Here is such a touching clip from a rukhsati in which not just the family members but even the friends got so emotional. The bride tried really hard not to cry but the thought of leaving this life she had lived since birth behind is daunting for any woman at all.


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Siblings Bond

Usually, the parents get more emotional at the time of rukhsati but there are also those siblings who are so close that for them letting each other go is really hard. In this particular video, a brother got extremely emotional and cried endlessly. This video reminded many of the special bond they shared with their own siblings.


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Here is another video from the same wedding and the song in the background adds even more intensity to this special moment.

Recently, there was a big fat wedding in Pakistan which was witnessed by many thanks to social media. All the family members enjoyed to the maximum during the festivities but rukhsati was just as emotional as any other In this video as well a brother is comforting his sister who is crying at the time of rukhsati.


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Father-Daughter Moments

Fathers spend their entire life bringing up their children and it is difficult for them to contain their emotions when the daughter they raised is going away to start a new life. Here is an emotional video of a brave daughter and a loving father who could not contain his tears at the time of rukhsati.


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Here is another touching video of a father and daughter’s goodbye at the time of rukhsati where the father is asking his son-in-law to take good care of his daughter.


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It is equally difficult for a daughter to leave behind the man she loved ever since she was born. Here is another emotional video of a daughter crying while she gives her father a hug at the time of her rukhsati.

Here is another clip of some unforgettable moments in which a bride and her father along with her siblings say goodbye.

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