Fahad Mirza & Mansha Pasha Raise Awareness For Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is very real for all those families who go through it. One of the most awaited events in a woman’s life has the potential of making or breaking her completely and everything in between. A woman is often blamed for her moods if she shows extreme fluctuations during postpartum period. In a short telefilm, starring Mansha Pasha and Fahad Mirza, Elaj trust brings forth the information that can be helpful to a lot women feeling sadness of varying degrees after their child is born.

It is written and directed by Mansha Pasha and produced by Elaj Trust.

Postpartum Depression – #IlmSeElaj

"Postpartum depression (PPD) is common among women in Pakistan, with a prevalence rate ranging from 28 percent to 63 percent, placing it among the highest in Asia. PPD has devastating effects on mothers, infants and families. Several factors contribute to the development of PPD in Pakistan, including environmental, cultural and social factors." (Gulamani, Shaikh, Chagani, Nursing for Women's Health, 2013)Mothers also experience a relatively less serious condition known as Postpartum blues and some experience a far more serious condition known as Postpartum Psychosis. It is advised that all pregnant women should consult their doctors about postpartum depression and those with a history of mental illnesses in their family are specially advised to inform their doctor of the said history. For details on symptoms of Postpartum Depression please refer to: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/postpartum-depression/basics/symptoms/con-20029130If you liked this message than please support us in creating more awareness around mother and child health. To Donate:Account Title :ELAJ TRUSTBank: Summit BankAccount Number:01990526001714110633IBAN: PK73SUMB9905207140110633Swift Code:SUMBPKKAWritten and Directed by: Mansha PashaProduced by: Elaj TrustLine Producer: Nadir ShahzadDir. of Photography: Salar YousufzaiCast: Fahad Mirza and Mansha Pasha Editor: Sourath Behan Audio Engineer: Mohammad Ali Graphics: Amna Abbas Stats/Research: Dr. Talha Rehman Camera Department: Ashraf – Azadfilms Production Assistant: Osama Mehtab Makeup: JosephineSpotboy: Irfan

Публикувахте от ELAJ в Понеделник, 2 октомври 2017 г.

Mehwish Mansoor