Family Interview of Sultana Sidiqi

Sultana Sidiqi is one of leading ladies of Pakistan. She has been the first female owner of any media house in our country. Being a PTV producer, she used all her experience to raise a new media house HUM TV, which revived Pakistani drama and gradually phased out the viewership of Indian Dramas. While other media houses were happy to go with the popular trend by airing Indian content or producing Indian styled dramas, it was HUM TV which took the initiative of sticking to our own style and revived the tradition of Pakistani drama. This faith and hard work paid back, and eventually other channels are now also following the same trend.

Family interview of Sultana Sidiqi from Urdu monthly Gourmet Khawateen done by Sameeha Khaalid








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Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali