Farhad Humayun’s first Urdu solo “Mur Ke Dekho”

Farhad Humayun is a multi faceted singer, drummer, producer and video artist who recently announced the release of his Urdu single as a solo artist.

The name of the song is ‘Mur Ke dekho’ and according to him, it is his autobiography reflecting all of his thoughts, feelings and stories of his life until now.

Talking to a media agency Farhad said,

‘Mur Ke Dekho is a song with a beat that’s danceable and a melody that’s sing-able and catchy. In a sense it is about looking forward to life, embracing all the dark adventures it holds, dealing with them with a smile and dropping all the baggage we collect. The future always holds promise.

In the past, he has sung and produced quite a few songs and videos of his band ‘Overload’. He also won Hum TV awards and Lux Style awards for the team. His first English solo ‘Give in’ was a massive hit on which he received worldwide acclaim. Hollywood veterans and Club DJs didn’t shy away from praising him.

There is no doubt that he is a very talented man. We wish him best of luck for ‘Mur Ke dekho’!

Farhad Humayun's first Urdu solo "Mur Ke Dekho"

Mur Ke Dekho audio and video releases on Farhad Humayun’s youtube channel, facebook page, itunes and TV channels on Wednesday 2nd August.

Arsala Khalid