Farhat Ishtiaq’s Bin Roye Aansu coming soon on HUM TV

After the phenomenal success of “Humsafar”,  a joined chemistry of Farhat Ishtiaq and Hum TV will soon be getting on air on Hum TV.  Bin Roye Aansu is one of the best write ups and very close to the heart of Farhat Ishtiaq. It will be the second project that will be going on air with the collaboration of the writer and Humtv. 

Been directed by Hassam Hussain, the upcoming drama enjoys a rich cast, starring Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Armeena Rana Khan and Zeba Bakhtiyar. It is more than a news for Zeba’s fans to have her back on screen and this only fact also contributes largely in increasing the probability of this drama being a success. It was heard that it was Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Sanam Baloch, who were initially selected for the roles, however, according to the latest update on its official page, Fawad has been replaced by Humayun Saeed, while Armeena Khan will be playing the role that initially belonged to Sanam Baloch.


No doubts that the cast is enough to attract viewers but Humayun Saeed, somehow has lost his charm and people have welcomed his alternates open handedly. Mahira and Humayun also did a project together on ARY, “Niyat”, though it didn’t earn much of the respect as any other drama where Mahira was seen on screen. Armeena Khan, on the other hand,  has turned into an active artist in the industry after her drama “Shab-e-Arzoo ka Alam” where she is appreciated for her acting by majority of the viewers.


The drama is still on its initial stage and would soon be coming on Hum  TV this year. It would be the third major drama of Mahira on HUM TV. 



Lets see how far the drama meets the expectations but the news of having Mahira back on screen is something!


Nida Zaidi


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    • Aww, Fatima, Thank you soo much pal :) Desperately waiting for this serial, do you think the cast is well-selected?

      • Dear ,
        i tell u thing of my family and my surrounding ppl.
        they donot go for the CAST type thing.
        They prefer performance and struggle.
        Humayun saeed is the best choice for this role. dont worry at all.

  • Nida, "Bin Roye Aansu" would in fact be the fourth project going on air with the collaboration of Farhat Ishtiaq and HUM TV (MD Productions). After "Humsafar", MD Productions gave us Farhat Ishtiaq's "Mata-e-Jan Hai Tu" and "Rehaai" as well.

  • i thnk its good combination….armeena a lovely face, baar baar ik e combination achi ni lagti ..

  • well i have not read the novel but i have read the comments on facebook that saman is an elder sister in the drama and saba is the younger sister and people are saying that the cast is not according to the novel and yesterday many people were critisizing the cast of the drama on farhat ishtiaq's facebook and she replied that let the drama on air then see if its a good drama or not. lets hope for the best.

  • Honestly speaking i m much satisfied with Fawad not playing Irtaza bcuz of 2 reasons:
    1stly bcuz Mahira is playing Saba, Irtaza’s role will not suit FK bcuz Irtaza is a mature man who is 7 yrs elder thn Saba , jbke Mahira &FK main kissi bhi kisam ka age diff nai lagta,both luk of same age…infact i thnk no other man in whole drama industry will suit Irtaza’s character better than Humayun (In case of Mahira playing Saba’s role)
    2ndly:FK,Sanam,Mahira and Humayun already ek project karne wale hain Nadia Jamil ka to agar Sanam and FK is project main hote to same cast har drama main bore kar deti…Mahira & FK bck to bck 2 dramas main nazar aate..(which i dnt thnk achi baat hoti… Khirad/Asher r still in my memories)
    BTW i hv sm serious reservations on Armeena Khan playing Saman, Allah kare yeh acting kar lain isme warna Shab e Alam main to patah nai kia kia he…

      • Ya…they shld better take Sanam Jung (may b…) she is also a new & innocent face, who atleast knw how to act…bt Armina…
        ALLAH yeh Saman ko TABAHO BARBAD na kare uske sath insaf kare plz..AMEEN!!

    • Aiman bibi.
      Perfect analysis.
      100% agree.
      They will not find a person better than HS for this role.
      And everyone will see that the drama will go superhit if the director and production team did not remove the emotions and feelings mentioned in novel and the words a person says to himself/herself with pain like in this novel saba says to flowers silently : SUNO, WO KAHA HA?.. these words fall a great impact on audience.
      best of luck

      • U r so damn right!! Thts wat i ws thnking…is nvl ki asal khobsorti iske ALFAZ aur AHSASAT hain…story is again a simple 1 bt Farhat Appi k Khobsorat jumlon aur unhone jo ek shaks k ahsasat ki tarjumani k liye jo jumle likhe hain, un jumlon main hi asal khobsorti he…hope wo Facial expression k chakkar main in jumlon ko cut na karen…i wish yeh drama Shehzad Kashmiri se direct karwalain bcuz its romantic one and SK has done outstanding work in DileMuztar, proving himself a extremely gud drctr….bt suna he Haissam is the one….i feel he is nt the right choice…he is gud with Dastan/DeS kinds project bt this one….i really hope yeh drama ko woh feel de pai jo nvl ki he bcuz cast is really gud enough to do that…

      • i agree humayun saeed is perfect for this charactor, no actor can touch humayun saeed, he is ruling for 19 years

    • hmmmm, mafter reading ur comnts m also satisfied that FK is not playing Irtiza's role and secondly m totely agreed with u that Armeena's acting is too bad in shab e alam,,, may she do well in ths drama

    • truly right Humayun can carry the character of irtaza and her selection is spot on. But armeena lets hope she delivers in that role in shab e arzoo ka alam she has been a disappointment

    • ya i agree… fawad and mahira is a bxt cpl b8 if the hero is 7 yrz older than a gurl bthan fawad was not good… humayun is ok

  • i think that saman role suits on mahira khan and saba role to sanam jung and irtaza role on fawad khan or some new face who can do mature acting

  • bht bechani sy intezar hai dramy ka acha hona chahiye ab ye drama novel tu zabardast hai ab drama dekhty hain…!

    • ughhh… stupid fans of ashar-khirad pair… do read th novel first.. n then decide who wud luk betr in Irtaza's charactr…

  • Hum tv waly kya pagal hogay hy jo is budhy ko irtaza k role me ly rahy hy !!!! ab drama bhi hit nai hoga :/ hate it

    • ye tum logo ne ZGH ka start hote waqt bee kaha tha k sanam saeed bad shakal bud rooh bee koi heroine ha. ye drama flop hoga, Lakin tum sub bewakuf larkyo ko sanam saeed ne KASHAF ka role kar ke ghalat sabit kiya and she was appreciated by all sections of society. Humayun saeed is a versatile actor and only he or Nauman Ijaz can perform the mature and sober role of Irtiza.

      • no sanam saeed ko blkul sahi lia tha q k is novel mai aisi hi shakal o surat ki larki dikhai thi.

  • humayun saeed would be the better selection as irtaza mahira would be the same, but the saman's charactar must6 be performed by sanam jung it will proved to be the best enough

  • Dear admin
    the review is somewhat biased.
    Humayun saeed has not lost his charm but the thing is that he is not given a powerful expressive role in previous few years.
    HS is as good in performance today as he was 10 years ago.
    And the other thing is that girls remain always fools. They only perceiving Humayun as an old man without knowing why production has chosen him for this role?
    the reason is that Pakistani dramas are being watched over by whole FAMILIES , not only by few low mentality college,school going girls who only see the apparent beauty. Families on the other hand only reward the person for his/her performance.
    After all, who the hell on earth was even aware that certain Sanam Saeed even exists in Pakistani industry before ZGH….?
    Here , only girls are commenting so the vote bank against Humayun and Mahira will be greater.

    Comments are highly welcomed.

    • Yes HS has not lost his charm, he carries his own charisma. His presence in a project carries a value.
      and his selection in the role of irtaza is as per demand of the character which is shown elder then heroine mahira khan.

    • I strongly disagree with you. Humayun Saeed is so not suitable to play IRTIZA (the male lead), get someone new man and no FAWAD KHAN…PLEASE! He is overrated.
      And you are totally wrong implying that no one knew Sanam Saeed, she did a commendable job in Mera Naseeb and lets not forget her phenomenol performance in Talkhiyaan.

  • nooooooooooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzz this is not the right cast.sanam balouch is best as saman and fawad as irtaza and mahira as saba.if this is the cast this drama will be perfect and earn fame as humsafar.plzzzzzzzzzzzz replace humayon saeed with fawad for god sake.plzzzzzz director and producer its a humble request we want sanam balouch as saman and fawad khan as irtaza.this cast is according to novel.no doubt this is a best novel.

  • I was really hoping to see Sanam Baloch and Fawad Khan together. My favourite onscreen couple! Their charm in Dastaan shall forever remain unmatched.

    • i was also. this jodi was awesome no one can beat it, i like if the cast will sanam baloch as suman. mahira as saba and fawad as irtiza

  • who is the other girl?she looks very prett,i would love to watch the serial just becoz of the story seems so good.

  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dont do this.fawad is best for the irtza

  • Hummayun Saeed should be replaced by Adeel Hussain. As character of this hero is of a very soft natured, humble type person. HS is not suitable for this role.And also missing Sanam Baloch for the role of younger sister.

    • mahira is playing younger sister.. n nobody else can play this charatr betr than her… Adeel hussain??? u r out of mind???

  • Story matters alot….HS has not lost his charm..Niyaat was not a well written project. story was not sensational and slow instead, I also missed many episods of niyyat. Fawad is not inevitable .

    • Humayoun saeed still holds loads of charm n potential… he isnt doing much dramas.. thats why people are foundng him out of place in th plot…he is a fabolous actor,, n nobody can play irtaza betr than em

  • main farhat ishtiaq say bhtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt narazzz hun i m one of her biggest fans. i,ve read her all best novils almost.and bin roye ansu is my mostttttttttttttttttt fvttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt among all them.is py drama bnana he nahe chahiy tha …………………….

  • not really, the cast is not suitable for these roles i had already read this novels many times the one of the best novel of farhat ishtiaq, bt plz just look at ur cast, Armeena is not suitable for saman role mahia is fine for saba and the perfect face and personality that match with irtaza is only and only Fawad……..

  • please ,fawad khan & saba qamar should be the cast for this drama.saba qamar fits the role of saman & mahira khan
    as saba & fawad khan as irtiza. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.accept my request.

  • Please change your hero (hamayo saeed) and cast fawad khan as hero of your drama,
    Bin roy aansu

  • fawaddddddddddddddddddddd ko ku ni rkha ab ya drama pka hit ni ho ga plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz fawad or mahira ko dobara sath ly k ain plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Please Please Fawad Khan Aur Mahira ko saath dobara acting karwaye they are very nice actor and couple on screen please……….. Humayun saeed is uncle……… Woh Mahira khan ka Bara bhai ya Father lage ga…….

  • humayun is suiteable for this creacter…………..i m a big fan of fawad……..but mjy lgta ha k agr hm har drama mn usy hi dakhn gy to we get bored from him…………

  • its not second but fourth drama of farhat ishtiaq on hum tv.
    1st was humsafar
    2nd was mata e jaan hai tu
    3rd was rehaai

  • Plz plz plz…we want fawad in ds project….humayun z not bad bt fawad z awsome…we really luv him n want to see him again wd mahira…! Thnku

  • After reading the novel I came to the conclusion that humayun saeed will suit the character of the hero,and mahiras asSaba.I have read the Noval ,it is beautiful and touchy.one cannot stop the tears rolling down.the drama will be a super hit.Mahira will play the role of Saba and the part will suit her .best of luck, looking forward to the drama.I hope it start soon

  • hmm wakae mn ise hero k role mn nhn lena chaye tha ???
    agar koi or actor hota is ki jgha jese fawad khan ,,,ya imran abbas to boht hit jata serial :(

    • ughh the both options u came up with wud prove to be failiure for the projec… cox Irtaza (male lead) is shown to be 8 years elder than saba(female lead) while fawad looks to be age fello of mahira n Imran abbas ous sy 4 saal chota lgay

  • Great choice of actors by Haisam…. No other man in the industry can play Irtaza's character as betr as humayoun can…he can make irtaza's character alive… mahira also fits in th character of saba beautifully (although m not a great fan of her) but sadaf's character… m not sure if the new grl would be able to justice wd the charactr of sadaf… I guess Sanam Jang was a betr option than Aamena…a sughar beautiful caring girl….
    But as a whole great story line n great cast… waiting..WaiTING….

  • i think saman k role k liye armeena ki choice bilkul galat ha..sanam jang suitable thi is role k liye

  • farhat ishtiaq good writer'''but mahira and humayun not good couple'''''''i think fawad and mahira good couple

    fawad mahira best cople in the world

    • humayun saeed is the number one actor of pakistan.you people just voting fawad for only one drama serial.check out humayun saeed career you will know that how much big star he is and how much mature actor he is.

      • yup few years back Pakis liked Humayoun more than they like fawad today… age factor is making girls crazy
        kash fawad hota kash fawad hota…. afterallll he is just an actor,,… come out of the fantasy stupid ladies… am also a girl in mae early 20's… buh i dont die for the fawad,… okay he is an actor doing multiple roles…u cannot kickout other 20 guys working in the industry… u cannot bear fawad in more than a show a week… coz his acting sucks…monochromatic acting… no variation,,…

  • Humayun saeed is the greatest actor of pakistan. he played lot of memorable character.No one is better than him.You should give him a respect instead of criticizing him.fawad is just nothing in front of him.He is good looking and very mature actor.one other thing he is not only popular in pakistan but also across the border.
    we love you humayun bhai you are great………………….

  • For the role of saba Mahira is fine and irtaza is fine as well (Humayun Saeed) but for the role of sadaf (?) i am not too sure. I think someone like sanam jung or sanam baloch would suit the role better (reason for question mark is that i haven't read the novel for quite some time so i am not 100% sure on the names). Hope it lives up to my expectations!

    • agree sanam jung can easily fit in the role of sanam jung… sanam baloch can't fit in the shoes of sadaf… cox sanam suits in a chulbuli avatar… while sadaf is a total eastern sherm-o-haya n sugher n beauty ka combination

  • we are waiting for this project.humayun saeed is back aftar a long time.As like his other dramas this drama will be a memorable one.Great story and Great cast

  • it is third project of farhat with humtv first two were humsafar and mata e jaan,and mahiranis no suitable for saba's character

  • HUMAYUN SAEED is not fit for IRTAZA's role. i read this novel and i loved it. beshak fawad afzal khan ko mat letay as irtaza but humyun saeed is an old man now he is now not fit . irtaza an saba ka age difference tha but irtaza boorha nahi tha yaar .