Fatima Effendi-Ahmed Ali Butt React To Durefishan’s Claims

Durefishan Saleem is the new rising star of Pakistani drama industry. Within the last year, she has joined the ranks of top actresses and she has been a part of advertisements, fashion campaigns and she has talked about the scrutiny she had to face on the internet as an actress.

Fatima Effendi-Ahmed Ali Butt React To Durefishan's Claims

While talking at an event, Durefishan revealed that she has seen that most of the times people are looking for “Durefishan Hot” on their internet searches and they are not looking for her work. She pointed out the mindset that actresses have to face while they work in the media.

The statement was brought up for debate in Ahmed Ali Butt’s show and he said that he does not agree with it as when you expose yourself on the media and work on the screen, you will be scrutinized and one should be ready for it. Fatima Effendi agreed and said that she must have thought that as once you write your name on google several suggestions come up and she must have assumed that people were searching for her hot pictures.

Fatima Effendi-Ahmed Ali Butt React To Durefishan's Claims

This is what they said:

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