Fawad Khan: I Am Not The Boss. I Am Just A Sidekick

There is no denying the fact that everyone loves Fawad Khan, be it Pakistanis or Indians. This charismatic individual has won hearts through his exceptionally good looks and talented acting and it’s always good to know more about him. In an email conversation with Khaleej Times, both Fawad and Sadaf gave a glimpse into their lives.

What inspired both of you to explore the field of designing?
Fawad: Sadaf’s drive and ambition. I wish I could be as creative as her when it comes to fashion, but that’s not the case. So I’ve resorted to being the sidekick in this operation.
Sadaf: With my son growing up and needing more time, I needed to pause a bit and get out of my corporate career to have flexibility in time and availability for him. Hence a natural path was made towards an entrepreneurial venture. Prior to this, I had worked with some huge corporates in Lahore, so I had the required experience as well as a business degree with a natural interest in fashion and design.

(On a lighter side) Who was the boss while working on this project?
Fawad: Wasn’t the first question (on the lighter side)? Oh. I just realised I was not supposed to answer that. She’s the boss. I’m just an Igor in this equation.
Sadaf: I take most of the decisions.

Are you both fashion conscious?
Fawad: Not really. I’m actually quite bipolar when it comes to dressing up. When I don’t feel like it, I won’t make the effort but when I do, I’ll spare no expenses to look my best, (which is obviously just my perspective).
Sadaf: I am conscious but I do not experiment much with what I’m not comfortable with as a person, no matter what the trends say. I feel it’s important to understand that things must not be worn or bought because they looked good on another person. One needs to understand that personal style is important.

Fawad, you are considered one of the hottest actors in the Subcontinent. How does that make you feel?
Fawad: I don’t hold myself in such high regard when it comes to the subject of hotness. But if you insist then I’m very flattered.

Who spoils the kids and who plays tough among you two?
I spoil the kids.
Sadaf: I have no choice but to be the bad cop.

Who are your fashion icons?
The black and white greats like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Alain Delon. The list just goes on. And one contemporary fashion guru that a friend and designer, Omar Farooq introduced me to, Lapo Elkann.
Sadaf: No one in particular. There are so many people who have an impeccable sense of style these days.

Did you guys always want to run your own business?
Not as a business per se. Sadaf has always had the passion for delving into the world of fashion and that’s what we followed while getting into this. If you look at everything from a business standpoint or try to start things out as that I feel things gets sterile. And that’s why we’ve taken things slow till now. The business for us has just started.

It’s a two-way romance
Sadaf: Fawad is an honest and very a sensitive person. But things like these establish and validate over the course of time in relationships, So I can’t say if that is what made me fall in love with him. But yes today, these would be the two qualities which exceed all else.
Fawad: She’s the most genuine at heart, unpretentious and charming girl I’ve ever met aside from the fact that I was head over heels for the colour of her skin and curls. She keeps her hair straight now. I keep telling her I’d like to see the curls again. An intelligent sense of humour, which btw many don’t know about, and a smart dress sense with an amazing scent she wears all the time. I could keep going on gushing about her, but I fear I might just say too much and then be on guard for the flies I draw in.

Fawad khan has loads of forthcoming projects
I’m currently working on a remake of an old Punjabi cult classic called Maula Jutt. Also, I’m making a production debut with a home production that I’m working on which I believe to be an old world romance but I’d like to keep the remaining details a surprise for later. Other than that there is a TV show which is at present in its nascent stage. Let’s hope it sees the light of day. To sum it up, hopefully, if things go according to plan there’ll be a barrage of material coming out in the coming year or so.

Rimsha Butt

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