Faysal Quraishi Calmly Schools The Hater

Faysal Quraishi yesterday tweeted about the fire incident that occurred in the Studios of Ary Digital Network where fire erupted in the morning and whole of the setups were burnt,
in the reply to that a “SO CALLED HUMANIST”
Said” it would have been better if you all would have burnt in that fire eruption, you people earn “Haram” and you should all die.”, which showed the Mental illness of a human’s state of mind but Faysal Quraishi didn’t lose his calm apparently and said” Ask for the prosperity and forgiveness from Allah ”

He also retweeted her obnoxiously ugly reply. Also the girl faced nothing but severe backlash of Faysal’s fans.

How can people be so cruel to laugh at such incidents and bad mouth actors and people out of Jealousy and envy. It’s uglier than being jealous, it is being revenge full for an unseen self created enemy.

When it comes to Hateful comments, our people lose calm and teach such sick minds a note worthy lesson and same happened here when people schooled the girl in comments.

One girl said you bio is saying that you are a humanist and you don’t even know its meaning. Being a Humanist means to have love and affection for mankind.

Some people said you can’t even assign deaths and lives to the people, it is Allah who is most powerful of All.

Here is the tweet and the comments attached for you people.

Screenshot 20190828 010915

Screenshot 20190828 010924

Screenshot 20190828 010406

Screenshot 20190828 010947

Screenshot 20190828 010347

Screenshot 20190828 011006

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  • People on social media think that just because their identity is hidden, they can say anything and pass all kinds of judgements on others.They never realize the emotional and mental effects their hate comments can leave on another person.Celebs are human and may be sensitive too!So many of them are suffering from depression and mental health issues.People committing suicide due to these hateful comments is a very real problem.These obnoxious people seriously need to get off Twitter and find something useful to do with their lives.

    • I couldn’t agree any more with your statement. I think anonymity brings out the worst in some people. The sad part is that they say these things in the name of Islam but Allah is always watching even when their identity is hidden on internet. The effects of their hate are real on celebs and general public whether these people acknowledge it or not, it is also being recorded for day of judgement.

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