Feroze Finally Talks About Sajal

Everyone thought of Feroze Khan and Sajal Aly as a couple and shipped them for quite a bit as they worked together in projects like Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai and the hit drama Gul e Rana. Sajal was very much part of the family and the Malik clan was always seen praising her. The shock, however, was when Feroze Khan announced that he was getting married and the girl was his wife Alizey Feroze. Suddenly Sajal who also used to be a part of Malik clan’s family functions was nowhere to be seen. Feroze Khan is now married to Alizey Feroze and the couple is very happy together. Sajal is also thought to be with Ahad Raza Mir but they never confirm anything.

Feroze Finally Talks About Sajal

Anyhow, Feroze Khan gave an interview to BBC Network where entertainment journalist Fifi Haroon caught him by surprise when she asked him that If he misses Sajal? Feroze took this opportunity to clear the air and had this to say:

If I miss Sajal, I’ll just pick up the phone and call her. We are quite normal. I respect her a lot and she is a brilliant actress. And I pray that only prosperity hits her.

Feroze also praised Sajal for her performance in Aangan. This is the first time Feroze has talked about Sajal after they allegedly parted ways!

Pakeeza Dar