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March the third month of the year 2017 has started. This month carries historical significance for Pakistan due to the historic occasion of 23rd March 1940 the day on which the Lahore Resolution or Pakistan Resolution was passed in Lahore. Pakistan was created in 1947 seven years after the Pakistan Resolution was passed. The first constitution of Pakistan was also implemented on 23rd March 1956 which declared Pakistan a Republic from a Dominion. Since 23rd March 1956, this day is named as the Republic Day and holds an official holiday status.

The weekend following the holiday of 23rd March provides a Window for extended cinema business and during the high time of our cinema, usually multiple films were lined up on the Republic Day Weekend.

This year however only one Urdu film is releasing in the month of March that too on the Republic Day i.e. Thursday 23rd March 2017.

Raasta (راستہ)
Raasta (راستہ) is a film featuring Sahir Lodhi as director, producer, writer and main hero. It is the debut film of Sahir Lodhi in multiple aspects and made for a social cause. As per Sahir Lodhi all the profit of the film will be used to construct a hospital in Karachi for the unprivileged sections of the society. So apart from entertaining the public Sahir Lodhi is also doing social work.

Raasta has been delayed multiple times. Its first release date was May 2016 which later changed to November 2016 and then February 2017. Now finally the film is releasing on 23rd March 2017.

Model Abeer Rizvi also making debut is palying the female lead opposite Sahir Lodhi. Another Model Saima Azhar making her debut also has a special appearance in the film. Seasoned artist Aijaz Aslam is playing an important role of a Police Inspector in the film. Aijaz Aslam is returning to big screen where his last brief appearance was in  Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi in 2013.

Naveed Raza also making his debut on big screen will be seen in a negative role. Mathira like her earlier two films Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi (2013) and Blind Love (2016) is again featuring in an item song. Sana Nawaz a well known name of our cinema is also part of this film.

The film is shot in Karachi, Sindh and coastal areas of Balochistan (Makran division).

The first trailer of Raasta was released in March 2016 while the new prolonged trailer is launched in December 2016. The music is launched in February 2017.

From its trailer Raasta appears to be a commercial masala action flick. The film has action, glamour, item song, romance, a rain song, some loud expressions and acting; nearly all the ingredients which define a commercial action film. Though such films are usually criticized by reviewers and serious audience, still no one can deny the fact that this kind of cinema has its own dedicated audience.

The strongest aspect of Raasta is its music composed by Saji ali and Kamran Akhtar. The camera work for the song Dil Faqeer also looks impressive, this song is shot in the coastal areas of Balochistan.

Like any routine commercial action flick Raasta also features a nearly 50 year old hero (48 year old Sahir Lodhi) in the role of an angry young man while the heroine is half the age of the hero. On top of this it also has some special appearances, action sequence, steamy songs and loudness whichare the essential ingredients of commercial cinema.

Film: Raasta (راستہ)
Release Date: 23 March 2017
Genre: Action, Romance
Cast: Sahir Lodhi, Abeer Rizvi, Ejaz Aslam, Sana Fakhir, Shamoon Abbasi,Mathira, Naved Raza, Saima Azhar, Saleem Miraj, Irfan motiwala, Esha Noor,Kisa zehra and child star Saniya Mansoor
Music: Saji Ali,Kamran Akhtar
Songs by:Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sara Raza Khan, Nabeel Shaukat,Damiya Farooq,Saman Saleem Sabri
Written by: Shahid Naqvi and Sahir Lodhi
Story Screenplay and Dailogue by: Sahir Loadhi
Directed by Saqib Siddiqui and Sahir Lodhi
Produced by: Moidul Hassan, Sahir Lodhi, Dr. Faisal Zia
Media Partner: Tv One
A SAMS Company and HOM Production film with Sahir Lodhi Films
Distributor: IMGC Global

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Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali