Frieha Altaf Birthday Party Pictures

Pakistani fashion icon, Frieha Altaf, celebrated her birthday yesterday and she looked extremely happy. She invited all her friends and colleagues to be a part of her big day and to make her birthday even more special. She wore black at the party that made her look even more graceful.

Frieha Altaf took several selfies with the guests and shared them on social media. Sarwat Gillani, Sonya Hussyn, Mansha Pasha, and many other Pakistan celebrities were spotted at the birthday party. Frieha Altaf’s house look so decent and creative.

Here are some of the beautiful moments captured from Frieha Altaf’s birthday party. Check it out!

Frieha Altaf 1

Frieha Altaf 2

Frieha Altaf 3

Frieha Altaf 4

Frieha Altaf 5

Frieha Altaf 6

Frieha Altaf 7

Frieha Altaf 8

Frieha Altaf 9

Frieha Altaf 10


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