Frieha Altaf: A Strong Survivor Of Child Abuse!

After losing Zainab to a heinous crime, the society slightly woke up from its slumber and decided to talk about the most disgusting issue of our society: Child Abuse! Yes, it is not new. Yes, people have been suffering from it since ages. And with Zainab’s tragedy at least everyone started talking about even if it is just for a while. Many celebrities came forward and shared their opinions on the situation. The boss ladies of our entertainment industry Nadia Jamil, Frieha Altaf and Maheen Khan should be applauded who came forward and shared their experience. Who talked about it with bravery and raised awareness that yes people it is happening and educate your child, talk about it. Farah Sadia is may be the only morning show host who did not make a drama out of this situation. She has done awareness programs about it. Frieha Altaf came in Farah’s show and told her story. It takes extreme courage to talk about this in our society if it has happened to you. But she did and pointed out that it is prevalent in every class of the society.

She also talked about her mother’s reaction towards the tragedy and openly shared that how this situation moulded her mind and how she suffered from it years after too and all this because the issue was never properly addressed. Here is what Frieha said on Farah’s show:

Fariha Altaf Ki Kahani, Khud Ki Zubani.

Fariha Altaf Ki Kahani, Khud Ki Zubani. #StopChildAbuse

Публикувахте от Ek Nayee Subha With Farah в Сряда, 24 януари 2018 г.

It is commendable how the victims who were once a victim are coming out and trying to raise awareness, trying to do their part and trying to help save others.

We wish more strength to Frieha Altaf!

Pakeeza Dar