Geo Khelo Pakistan gifted 4 cars to Hafeez!

Geo Khelo Pakistan has been showing a fair amount of generosity towards the Pakistan cricket team after the tremendous win of theirs in the ICC Champions trophy. After Sarfraz got a BMW and a plot of Land in Behria Town in the show, Muhammad Hafeez also came to the show to try his fortune. ┬áHe also talked about his team’s victory and the the reasons behind it.

Talking to Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar, Hafeez told the audience that for them winning or losing did not matter. What mattered was , playing aggressively and giving their best as a team. The advertisement campaigns made in India were outrageous enough to have provoked them. This was what led them to winning against India.

Hafeez was also gifted four cars in the show and thanked all the sponsors and the show for the wonderful gifts he got, out of their generosity..

Maryam Suleman