Geo TV’s fresh initiative of one hour

Geo TV’s fresh initiative of one hour

Geo TV is the biggest media house of Pakistan and perhaps the most powerful too. With great power comes great responsibility and to fulfill this responsibility as per Geo TV and Jang publications they have already contributed too much. The tale of their greatest sacrifices and untiring contributions is already published many times and also aired on their channels too. Still not satisfied with it, they want to take further initiatives.

Another such initiative is special one hour transmission on an extremely important issue. Geo TV has dedicated one hour daily from 9PM – 10PM to an issue which they consider of utter importance. Yes Geo TV has dedicated this one hour to dramas covering couples having issues of marriage or shaadi. In simple words this time can be called as ‘shaadi hour’ of Geo.

But does it mean, that Geo TV is allocating rest of the time for programs other than shaadi. A glance at their programs tells Geo is already airing too much stuff related to weddings. Not even wedding there are plenty of  plays covering divorces and halala, plus their recently halted morning show was like a wedding hall which also started the trend of remarrying already married couples. So is this one hour initiative is just another hoax as wedding and its issues are already aired 10-14 hours in a day on Geo TV.

Lets hope Geo TV limits this initiative only to weddings, how unpleasant it will be to hear about one  hour specially dedicated to further issues related to wedding like an hour for divorce or ‘talaq hour’ or some other hour. Though anything is expected from this channel for the sake of publicity by looking at their past and recent practices and trends.

P.S. This whole post is a light satire on this advertisement aired by Geo TV, please do not take it seriously.

Thanks for tolerating.

Rashid Nazir Ali