“Give people love and respect but demand the same in return”, says HSY

Hassan Sheheryar, the famous designer come host is everyone’s favorite. He is currently hosting ‘Tonite with HSY’ and now he is on his way to direct the next show of Lux Style Awards.

Recently, Something Haute got in touch with the star to ask him how he feels about directing LSA and how has the journey been so far.

Upon asking that it’s been over 20 years of directing fashion events but this is the first time he’ll be directing an awards show of this magnitude. How does it feel? He said:

“It’s incredible. For me Lux has been the award of excellence and it has been about everything to do with fashion and style. It’s my first memory of the time Shaan stole the stage when he performed with Saima. I remember crying my heart out in Malaysia when I won my first award. I was so young and the award was so much larger than us.”

Upon asking how timing has always been the biggest challenge; how does he intend to control that?

“Timing is of the essence. I’m calculating every single minute of the program. Timing can only happen if it’s controlled in minute ways. There are 30 awards that must be given. There has to be time allotted. So it’s two-tiered. The show time will be managed intricately. Getting the stars and celebrities in on time has to be managed just as carefully. That connectivity needs to happen and we’re working on it from the get go. The first two performances will get things going…I have a lot of good will with the stars. I’m not new to them and I have attended and accepted awards with these guys so I’m hoping to bank on all that.”

When asked about what other hurdles he might have face, he said:

“Wherever I see a hurdle I take it out. I’m taking people out. Give people love and respect but demand the same in return. It’s no nonsense.”

And finally, when he was asked that Frieha Altaf has been directing the Lux Style Awards for 15 years. How does it feel to step into her shoes?

“Hers are the largest shoes to fill. I would have never pitched had the LSAs not asked me to pitch. Frieha is an institution. To fill her shoes would be an impossible task and I can’t say I can do it. I just hope to do justice to all her work and I hope I can bring a newness to the show. When it comes to Frieha I hope she comes and watches so that I can thank her for creating this incredible platform. There is immense respect and love between us and I hope to keep it that way.”

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