Glamour_ Is it good or bad?

Glamour_ in dramas is often discussed, with mix opinions. It has, after all, became an important part of our shows. Some say it should be completely eliminated, while others don’t seem to mind it. However, glamour isn’t completely good or bad. It depends on what you put in with it. Here are reasons why it is good or bad:

Why it’s good:

  • It makes the drama attractive: Amazing wardrobe, perfect makeup and hairdo, well-furnished houses and sporty cars. All of these would make the viewers sit down and marvel at them. Admit it, you watched Bashar Momin partly because of the glamour. You probably loved Rudaba’s dresses and makeup, Bashar’s expensive suits and his house decor. Who didn’t?


  • It makes the viewers happy: Beautiful people, dressed in the best attire, living lavish lives in their mansions, who don’t have tears on their faces all the time (like the roti dhoti heroines) are pleasant to watch. We don’t want to see people with museebaton ke pahaar on their shoulders. Instead, we love to see happy people, with happy lives.
  • It assists the story: It really does. If the story is good, adding glamour to it is like adding sugar to a dessert. The right amount of it will enhance the writer’s handwork and garner viewership. Take Bashar Momin, for example. In the beginning I liked the non-saas-bahu story. How I lost my interest in it because of dragging is another story.

Why it’s bad:

  • It could be overdone: An over sugary dessert is a torture. The recent example is Sultanat-e-Dil. How everybody’s makeup remains unmoved in every scene is beyond me. Even the mothers have so much makeup on that it becomes intolerable. Men wear the worst shades and designs of sherwanis ever created. Drama makers need to know that “glamour” doesn’t mean that they put in everything they can into the drama. At least consider what is easy on the eyes of the audience.


  • Glamour+Crap story+overacting= Disaster: Yes, you cannot expect viewers to like a poorly written and not-thought-out script just because you happened to rent a good location or dressed up the actors well. This is like adding sugar to bugs. You can’t make them eatable no matter what! As I mentioned before, the dragging and over acting made me lose interest in Bashar Momin.

What is your opinion on this?

Areeba Mohsen


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.