Gorgeous Hareem Farooq Photoshoot for Maha Wajahat Khan

Gorgeously beautiful Hareem Farooq recently did a photoshoot for Maha Wajahat Khan. She is a famous photographer who was covered several wedding events and photoshoot projects for famous fashion designers and brands. She has worked with many Pakistani celebrities and marked a prominent name in the photography world.

Hareem Farooq looked gorgeous in white bridal outfit with bold red lipstick. She really make perfect poses on the camera and that’s what attract the viewers. Other than the bridal photoshoot, Hareem has done several casual photoshoots for fashion brands including designers, makeup artists, and photographers.

Here are some of the beautiful clicks of pretty Hareem Farooq from her latest photoshoot for Maha Wajahat Khan. Check it out!

Hareem Farooq 1 1

Hareem Farooq 2 1

Hareem Farooq 3 1

Hareem Farooq 4 1

Hareem Farooq 5 1

Hareem Farooq 6 1

Hareem Farooq 7 1

Hareem Farooq 8 1


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