Goya- Episode 19 Review

The big reveal this week was Zeb’s identity. The fact that it didn’t surprise any of us is a different story. Zeb is Rahat’s illegitimate child – Hum adhey, adhurey, jaiz, najaiz, jaise bhi hein, hein toh unki aulaad hi... She wants to be accepted for who she is and let the cat out of the bag with Haniya but soon afterwards, she reverted to playing the keeper of secrets when Rahat questioned her about her past. Apney hairat aur ghussey ko qabu karna seekhiye, issey apki kamzarfi ka ehsaas hota hai…

In Muree, Omar came face-to-face with Asma Mirza who told him that Mohini is torn over his dosri shadi and doesn’t wish to associate with him further. Later on, Sharfu Nana reiterated Asma’s words but softened up seeing Omar’s masoom chehra. However, Mohini seems to be slipping away as her blood reports are a cause for concern. The lapse in continuity was a bit of a bother- when Mohini went to see the doctor it was morning time but when the doctor called Asma, it was dark at night.

Omar needed someone to say the words loud and clear to him for him to realize that he’d been played like a puppet. And Sharfu Nana was the one to deliver the blow. Omar went on to summon Safdar the security guy who succumbed to the pressure within seconds. For someone who’s been Rahat’s right hand man for the longest time, it was extremely unbelievable that he would spill the beans.

Zara is acting out like a child who’s not getting the attention she thinks she deserves. It has suddenly dawned upon her that she is Omar’s wife and she wants to be treated like one. The fact that Rahat is constantly breathing down her neck doesn’t help. Let’s see what happens next.

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Kanwal Murtaza


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