Goya- Episode 20 & 21 Review

Omar finally manned up and told Rahat off for what he did to Mohini. I don’t get why it took Omar this long to figure out that his dad was behind everything. And even if he was struggling with coming to terms with the divorce story, why did he agree to marrying Zara? Yes, Omar was distraught, confused, torn but that still didn’t justify his decision to get married especially when he knew Mohini was carrying his child. Speaking of the child, am I the only one who feels bad that she miscarried? Granted she was being stupid and suicidal but why is no one talking about the loss she suffered and focusing more on Omar?

After seeing his son walk away for the second time, Rahat was a broken man and he finally let Haniya go. So Rahat was left all alone except for Zeb. There is such a huge disconnect in the scenes. I think Zeb has mentioned her mother at least twice if not more in these two episodes and each time she managed to get nothing more than a death stare from Rahat. Seeing that nothing is working, she continues haunting him with her Bengali Jaadu – the khushboos and reminders until he suffers a stroke.

Zara received a much needed reality check after Omar left her- she agreed to this mismatch out if her own free will yet she has turned into a nagging dosri biwi. Why must we reduce women to such desperate and un ambitious roles? Zara had so much more drive even when she was stoned. Maybe she’d be better off puffing her life away instead of chasing after a man who clearly doesn’t want her.

So Mohini has cancer and has made up her mind that she will die alone in Muree. Asma’s parenting skills leave much to be desired- I bet she must be kicking herself for those extensive liberties now. Omar can’t seem to convince her to come to Karachi for treatment but he doesn’t want to give up on her either. In retrospect, I feel both parenting styles depicted here have failed miserably- Rahat suffocated Omar until he drove him away and Asma tried to maintain an extremely casual relationship which ended up making Mohini stubborn beyond reason.

I’m guessing Omar will have to bow down to the great and resourceful Sr. Hashmi to save Mohini’s life just the way Mohini did for Omar. I wish they’d bring back the trend of 13 episode long dramas coz just about every story would appear to be far more gripping if the narrative was reduced to a limited number of episodes.

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Kanwal Murtaza


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