Green TV Dramas offer Variety and Quality Entertainment

Pakistani dramas have seen many ups and downs in the past few years. It would be safe to say that for the past year in particular, the quality of these dramas on the leading channels went from bad to worse. Those serious viewers who watched Pakistani dramas for their quality content had literally given up on them altogether. Green TV Dramas have proved to be a game changer in more ways than one. Such dramas were truly the need of the hour especially for viewers who are sick and tired of substandard content getting the hype it does not deserve. Before I talk about Green TV dramas, I would like to share my thoughts about the state of Pakistani dramas on the leading entertainment channels in recent times.

Pakistani Dramas in Recent Times

Only a few months back Hum in particular was not afraid of experimenting every now and then but after Parizaad, the viewers were left waiting for a drama on the channel that would blow them away. ARY Digital has for some time started banking heavily on commercialism. Every now and then they aired a quality drama but most of their dramas have been over-stretched and commercial even when they offered novelty. Geo Entertainment is a completely different story because even though they air some of the trashiest dramas, these dramas get ratings like no other! Apart from Jo Bichar Gaye, I don’t remember the last time I watched a drama offering quality entertainment on Geo. Unfortunately, Jo Bichar Gaye did not get a lot of views. Therefore, I am assuming that Geo has a certain ‘fanbase’ which is partially responsible for ruining the quality of Pakistani dramas.

Green TV Dramas offer Variety and Quality Entertainment

Interestingly enough, in the present time, Express Entertainment was the only channel that offered variety and quality. Dramas such as Guru and Meher Mah in particular raised my hopes. Both these dramas are refreshing and thoroughly entertaining. I had my eyes set on Express Entertainment when Green TV launched only last week and changed my perspective about Pakistani dramas altogether.

Green TV Dramas – The Much-Needed Change

Green TV dramas have been much more than just refreshing, they have been groundbreaking. While all the other channels and producers were scared to experiment because of the fear of not getting ratings, Green TV took the bold and necessary initiative to experiment like it has never been done before. Ever since the channel went on air, they have been airing dramas that are entirely different from each other every single day and in all the slots assigned to these dramas. Only a few days back, the viewers who were wondering if they will ever get to watch another drama such as Parizaad again were given the beautiful gift of dramas such as Kabli Pulao, Jeevan Nagar, Idiot, Shanaas, 22 Qadam, Jindo, and the list goes on.

Green TV Dramas offer Variety and Quality Entertainment

Only in 1 week, Green TV proved that there are so many genres which Pakistani writers and directors can successfully experiment with. The best thing is that this channel has something for everyone. A few weeks back it was unimaginable for the viewers to even think that they will get to watch a Pakistani drama which was sci-fi. Nauroz definitely falls into that category. Although the Siyah Series isn’t picture-perfect it is an initiative that would open more avenues for horror series.

Unique and Appealing Protagonists

Each one of the dramas that have aired on Green TV does not only have a different story altogether but this channel is also redefining the term ‘hero’ one drama at a time! Haji Mushtaq is an elderly person who you would never see as the only main protagonist in a Pakistani drama. Even if in the past such a character has been shown as a prominent character, it has never been the face of the drama. Usually, such prominent characters are ‘assisted’ by heroes who are conventional and who would ‘sell’ the story. Parizaad and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi are the only exceptions I can think of right now. Even a drama such as Dumpukht had a side hero.

Green TV Dramas offer Variety and Quality Entertainment

Jeevan Nagar is another such drama with no young and upcoming actors but all talented and seasoned actors who the producers trusted had enough substance to keep the viewers hooked. Jindo has a female protagonist like no other. Not a single one of the dramas I have watched on Green TV even remotely bank on the bechari aurat scenario which had become a staple of Pakistani dramas. So much so that writers were forced to add such tracks to each story.

Pakistani Producers’ Fixation with Saas Bahu Saga

Just a few days back, Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz accredited Ertugrul’s success to family politics! Their statement summed up the mindset that goes behind making Pakistani dramas. The producers are certain that the success of their dramas rests entirely on showing women who are constantly involved in plotting and planning against each other. These situations are so common in Pakistani dramas that any drama without them alone is refreshing for viewers who do not tune into these dramas to watch women belittle each other. Many of the producers and writers have justified their done-to-death stories by saying that viewers want to watch these plots more than anything else. Even though dramas such as Parizaad and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi also got an unprecedented following but that never changed the producers’ perspective.

Final Remarks

Green TV has single-handedly proved that experimenting is an option and when the producers give writers a free hand they can write stories that entertain and provide the newness which was gradually dying. Some of the dramas are of course ‘lacking’ in some aspects but even with those flaws, they are much better than the mediocre dramas which are continuously being aired on other channels. Also, Green offers the kind of variety which was seriously lacking. Some of the dramas can also be easily termed as family dramas, another aspect of Pakistani dramas which was gradually becoming a thing of the past. While the execution is lacking in some cases, Green TV’s dramas have opened a whole new world for drama buffs and they have only started their transmission, there is much more to look forward to.

Did you tune into Green TV dramas? Which one did you enjoy watching the most? Do you think this channel has brought with it the change we were all waiting for?

Share your views.

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