Hamza Abbasi is the only celebrity who is well involved on political issues and is continuously updating about the current political chaos in Pakistan. Hamza Abbasi runs his own facebook page and he had recently put a status that there things on which he wants to say and express what he feels and why Pakistan must stand on and for this he will upload a video and hence he finally uploaded the video in which he had expressed what nation needs to do now.

Hamza Abbasi said that people should not follow politicians religiously as they are just ordinary human beings, he added that instead of fighting with each other over political parties people should take a stand for betterment of Pakistan. He pledged to people that do not worship politicians, if Imran Khan do something wrong today he will stop supporting him like the way he is supporting him right now. Hence support politicians but do not worship them.

Hamza Abbasi explains that Imran Khan had taken the stand for the nation as the votes were allegedly rigged in 2013 general elections. He further added that Imran Khan’s demands are not unconstitutional and undemocratic. He took a stand because he thinks that what happened in 2013 elections was wrong. Imran Khan begged for four years to recount votes on 4 seats but government refused. So if he is protesting right now then why government is saying that this act will derail the democracy.

In the End he told the nation that thinks like a Pakistani not like a political worker. He said that there is one criteria only to support Imran Khan right now that he is taking stand for Pakistan, so be a Pakistani. The Pseudo concept must be eliminated that democracy should continue no matter what happens, it is not a good thinking a full stop is required where you feel this thing is going in a wrong way.

In order to know what he has expressed watch his video.


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