Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar’s Honeymoon Pictures

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar keep on getting so much love from the public for many reasons. These two gorgeous celebrities got married in a way which was appreciated by many. It seems like they will continue to impress their fans and followers with a lifestyle which isn’t celebrity like at all. While many other celebrities opted for lavish honeymoons, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar decided to spend their special time together in Nathia Gali. They are staying at a hotel which isn’t too expensive either. They have to be one of those very few celebrity couples who chose to spend their honeymoon in Pakistan.

Naimal Khawar posted pictures on her Instagram to appreciate the beauty of Pakistan. Also, they haven’t posted made-up pictures like other celebrities to get attention. Hamza Ali Abbasi is in his usual casual black shalwar kameez attire and Naimal Khawar looks like any other girl having a good time with a shawl wrapped around her.

The staff of the hotel they are staying in surely must have been in awe of this celebrity couple which is why there is also a picture of Hamza Ali Abbasi with the staff of the hotel.

Here are the beautiful pictures of the honeymoon couple and also some pictures of the view they are getting from their hotel.

Hamza Ali Abbasi 2 Hamza Ali Abbasi 4 Hamza Ali Abbasi 1 Hamza Ali Abbasi1

Hamza Ali Abbasi 4 Hamza Ali Abbasi 3


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  • Masha Allah very beautiful couple dressed in muslim style mayAllah bless them with health,happines Ameen

  • Multan ki soney jaisi mutti Ney humein Hamza Kaisa Here’s diya
    Long live the beautiful couple n longest live their married life.

  • I want to edit my previous comment.
    Instead of “Kaisa” I meant Jaisa n
    Instead of Here’s I meant to write Heera. It was just typing mistake.

  • MashaAllah pyare Afzal with his beautiful Izza.may Allah bless them with health n happiness n number of pyare pyare kids❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • New drama it’s only a student to seek public attention in k liya Europe kon c New places hn 10 bar to ja chukan Hon gay naimal is also belong to a rich family to us na Kaya kabhe foreign trip nahe Kiya hoga hamza k political dramas andar sa sab kam pora gold r Dimonds diya Hon gay platonic love ma bahir sadgi monal and Marriott koe Sada banda to atleast shadi nahe Kar sakta x mpa ka beta ha bht maal banaya ha naimal na aisay hi shadi nahe ki iss sa paisay sa shadi ki ha tab hi to smile ha k ja hi nahe rahe ya sab public ko impress k tareekay hn ap log Pata nahe q dekh dekh k balain la la k duain da da k maray ja rahay hn itna time khud pa focous khud pa Karan to ho sakta ha in sa bhater ho hamza to ha hi langor r naimal no doubt hoor but bht c hoorain Hon ge kpk ma jo ba parda hn so be haya ho jain sab to sab hi Koch mil jata izzat utar k rakh do to naimal ki just white dress hi makol ha us k insta pa dekhain hamza molvi ki bivi ki dressing bas humari qaum k pas koe constructive kam nahe ha karne ko tab hi Har Sal 1 new couple ko pakar laitay hn r impress ho ho k bura Hal khud ma koe talent talash Karan comments karnay sa fursat mil Jay to

  • God bless you both. Love from India. Very good actor with no showbazi in every drama he looks very gentle and original. A nice human being. Yes of course one should be proud of our own country. No doubt Pakistan has places worth visiting.Rab kare , India Pakistan relationship would improve. So we can get good actors from Sarhad Paar.
    Love and blessings from India

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