Hamza Ali Abbasi goes clean shave for Parwaz Hai Junoon

Hamza Ali Abbasi, the talented and versatile actor has been pulling off his bearded look since some time but his latest look might be a little different but still praise-worthy.

Latest pictures of Hamza have surfaced on the internet and they show him in a clean shave look.


The handsome actor is playing a pilot in his upcoming movie, Parwaz Hai Junoon hence the no beard look.

A video posted by Hamza’s fitness trainer has shown his transformation journey.

A brief discussion with my elder brother & friend Hamza Ali Abbasi on his transformations with respect to his upcoming projects,training at MetroFlex Strength & Rehabilitation Islamabad and under the supervision of yours truly ! The superstar of the nation. A man of supreme talent, character and charisma. Someone I look up to and encourage others to do so as well.Thank you for the kind words. Keep achieving, keep inspiring.Regards,HM

Публикувахте от Hassaan Mahmood в Събота, 4 март 2017 г.

We must admire the effort and hardwork Hamza puts in and proves himself as a dedicated actor.

As much as we loved the macho beared Hamza, we can’t help but gush over the new fresh look of his too.


This new transformation will easily pass him as an air force man and not to forget, he looks way younger in this look too.