Hania Aamir Instagram Fight with Yasir Hussain | Here is her recent reply

Hania Aamir opened up recently about her struggle with her skin and showed the people about how skin positivity should be a part of our lives. Many other stars like Mehwish Hayat also came out to support her. However, her friend and co-star Yasir Hussain landed himself in controversy again due to her inappropriate jokes. Hania was not okay with t and pointed it out while many people on the Internet were disgusted by Yasir’s attitude.

He was being bashed left and right and his words were being condemned. The latest development came when Hania Aamir thanked her fans who supported her and also asked them to be respectful of others and not go for bullying in answer to bullying. This is what Hania had to say:

Hania Aamir gave a compact message to respect everyone without even naming names and she is definitely handling the situation well!


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