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Hanish And Faysal Qureshi Attend A Family Wedding

Hanish Qureshi comes from a family filled with talent. She is the daughter of actor Faysal Qureshi and granddaughter of actress Afshan Qureshi. The family attended a wedding recently and they were all just looking stunning. Hanish Qureshi is a stylist by profession while all the other members of her family are into acting.

Faysal Qureshi has been busy for sometime \now. He recently has given two hit projects: Haiwan and Baba Jani while he is also all set for a film debut since the revival of the industry with his film Sorry- A Love Story which also stars Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussyn and Amina Sheikh. The family came together for a wedding as they took time from their everyday busy schedules. Check out the pictures: