Hina Altaf Heads Back After Vacation!

Hina Altaf and Sumbul Iqbal both were enjoying vacations in Baku. The girls went to different places and had a great time. Hina always finds fun in every little detail of life. While heading back for Pakistan, both actresses Hina and Sumbul took the opportunity to click some more selfies.

Hina was in a playful mood as she said that Pakistanis never leave a chance to click some good selfies while actress Sumbul Iqbal agreed with her. Here watch the video:


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Hina recently gave an interview to Samina Peerzada where she opened about her family life and her mother’s disease. She told people how she fell into depression and came out at the top of all the adversities. Hina has since improved herself emotionally, professionally as well as physically. She is now having the time of her life as she has bought her own house, getting a lot of great career opportunities. Watching the young lady having a good time and always being strong in every phase of life is indeed an inspiration for many women out there!

Pakeeza Dar