Hina Altaf makes intriguing revelations about fellow celebrities in latest interview

Hina Altaf, the name only brings about bursts of energy and zest. The bubbly, vivacious actress is a bundle of talent, having some solid and a variety of performances to her credit in her short career.

In a recent, very spontaneous and fun interview, Hina, found herself answering some cheeky questions thrown at her by the host. But what came out of it was Hina Altaf, openly admitting and in the process trashing a few known celebrities and actors like the Aatish actor stating Aamir Liaquat Hussain had a major spitting problem.

During the candid chat, Hina started off by stating that she had always considered herself the most important person in her life. “If you can’t keep your own self happy, how will you keep others happy too?”

Answering questions, Hina confessed that she had been carried away while doing a romantic scene with Emaad Irfani. Hina also added that Faisal Rehman often got too much involved into a romantic scene with his intensity. “He can go grab your hand if the scene requires holding your finger. Working with him, you have to keep your radar on alert,” said Hina. The host then quipped that this wasn’t getting carried away but required a case for it.

Hina jokingly added that she had scared off Faisal Rehman hinting at the #MeToo campaigns often while shooting for scenes.

Hina Altaf makes intriguing revelations about fellow celebrities in latest interview

One of the many questions had Hina Altaf answering that she found Muneeb Butt as an actor who didn’t know much of acting but always threw complete star tantrums. Hina was jokingly confessed that she had not even been invited to Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s wedding as well. Also Hina added that Minal Khan had been on of those actors who might find Hina’s acting not up to the mark. Hina’s tongue in cheek remarks are perhaps calling in for a good dose of controversy her way in the future.

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