Hina Bayat Reveals Big Channel’s Fraud With Her

Hina Khwaja Bayat is a gorgeous and talented Pakistani television actor. Her popular dramas include Ishq Jalebi, Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Ek Jhooti Love Story. Fans love her beautiful personality and soft persona. She’s a thoughtful and kindhearted human being. Recently, Hina suffered a great loss of her husband who died of cancer after battling it for many years. He passed away in start of this year.

Hina Bayat Reveals Big Channel's Fraud With Her

Today, Hina Bayat made an appearance in the morning show “Good Morning Pakistan”, hosted by Nida Yasir. In the show, she revealed her biggest mistake which she made in her life. Talking about it, she said, “I also made one such mistake in my life. Obviously, I am a human being who commits mistakes. I signed up a Ramadan show with a channel without a written agreement or contract. I am the one who believes in doing work with one company. I worked with this channel for the first time after trusting them. I joined the transmission and after two three days, they handed me the complete Ramadan transmission. I started hosting the transmission without any contract because I trusted what they said. I didn’t get my payment even after doing a complete Ramadan transmission, they didn’t reply to me, they blocked me from all the platforms. I eventually got my payment after 2.5 years that too through the legal procedures. Here’s the link to the video:

Hina Bayat Reveals Big Channel's Fraud With Her

Hina Bayat Reveals Big Channel's Fraud With Her


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  • Please exercise care in your reporting. It is very unethical for you to post pictures of Iftar Mulaqaat that I hosted in the past connecting it to an experience I narrated which is not connected to this show or the channel. Highly irresponsible!