Hina Durrani Sharing The Unseen Side Of Her Mother Madam Noor Jahan

Malika-e-Taranum Madam Noor Jahan is an un-forgetful name of the music industry. She is still known as the greatest musician and till date no other singer came parallel to her.

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We all know the famous sides of Madam Noor Jahan, but her daughter Hina Durani in a video shared some not so famous facts about her mother in her video.

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She said: “Everybody knows that she is a very famous woman and she was a very busy woman as well. But a very few people know that she was a lovely housewife. She loved being home and she loved doing things for her children. She loved stitching. She used to train tailors herself, how to cut clothes, how to stitch clothes. She was very fond on knitting, she used to knit sweaters for us for our father. She was very fond on cleanliness. But above all she loved to cook for her children for her family for her friends. On Sundays she used to cook food. Her children used to sit in a line and she used to feed them herself:

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