Housefull for Bollywood movie ‘Chennai Express’ in Pakistan!

Previously banned movie in Pakistan, ‘Chennai Express’ has now made a clean sweep this Eid in almost all cinema houses where the tickets are already been sold of every slot been allotted to the movie. Starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika, the movie is a comedy-love story which reflects the odour of Chennai, a city of India. The movie’s release was said to be banned within the country this Eid to support the local business which is linked to the two movies(previously four) which are also making their way to the big screen on the first day of Eid.


When we shared the news and conducted a survey on our social media fan page, it was interesting to read the comments of the readers who said that they would be supporting the Pakistani movie Josh and highly condemn the airing of an Indian movie on Eid but just like all other predictions, even the reviews differed with the results. Some of the readers also said that Eid is a holy day and one should celebrate it with family rather than going to cinemas and watching movies,but it is interesting to see that all the seats are now reserved and there are many for sure who are now in the waiting list or holding on their breaths to grab their ticket for the new slots of new dates the cinemas will next announce.


Amina Sheikh’s Josh is still far behind in terms of business as compared to the Indian movie so those of you who are planning to support the local content should get your hands on your ticket as it is,  Chennai Express is no more available for the latecomers!


Nida Zaidi

  • Hammu

    Please people, watch Josh.It's a masterpiece. It is in our hands to decide the fate of Pakistani Cinema.

    • Lawangeen ko kahtay hia mohebul watani ka josh….jethe raho biteya…

      chennai express ka tu poster dekh kar hamra G mathlany laga hia,ab en kalay kalotay indian ko 2 hours tak kon
      bardasht kary wo b eid k din…never…hum tu josh he dekhngay poray josh k sath…….

      • mona933

        han to amina sheikh bht gori hy jaysy πŸ˜€ hahahahaha . movies to bad m b deekhi ja sakti hn eid to family walun k saat guzaray banda

        • Lawangeen

          haha…gori nahi tu kali b nahi ,sanwali hain i think..sanwali saloni mahboba….aur phir jo log unpatriot ka tagna maray wo?…..:-)

  • sherasher

    Pakistani are the most unpatriot people in the world.when a good Pakistani movie is coming to the cinema they does not watch it and after that de heard them crying and saying "Why Pakistani can't make good movies?"

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    nothing unexpected, each film of shahrukh khan able to do good business in our cinemas, with already booked shows, even no publicity is required,

    general point of view of our cine goers is that they go to cinema for entertainment not to watch serious and tension filled movies, Josh is a different story and is no match to a commercial movie, first its a semi-art film, secondly it lacks the masala and ingredients which make a film successful in our country, its more of an experimental movie. Also its marketing and publicity has not been done very well by ARY. I was seeing its promo on ARY Zauq, anwar maqsood was requesting to come and watch this film, they could have made marketing campaign on the lines, that this film has made pakistan proud in many international events, and now its coming to a cinema near you, be part of this celebration of a world acclaimed film.

  • mona933

    ub eid k din josh jaysi depressing movie kon daikhnay jaey ga bhala . main hun shahid afridi should be released on eid as it is full of entertainment and a light movie and it would give a tough competittion to chenai express. josh cant compete chenai express because people want to see moj masti type movies on eid

    • Lawangeen

      movie dekhay bena comment karna kuch teek nahi…:-( first movie dekhain phir comment karain…i hope movie dekhnay k bad tum ''depress'' type jsay words bhool jaio ge…balkay afsos karo ge k itna time kiu waste keya aur movie kiu na dekhe….

      • majid


  • saba

    to ise ban ku nai kiya?abi b kur do ban time hai we should promote our culture

  • iqbal

    pakisthan is terrorist country nn1

    • Lawangeen

      aur tum indain spy……Gay hind…

      • iqbal

        really pakisthan is terrorist country, if you ask other neighbouring countries they will also tell that you are a terrorist country ok

      • zafer

        you idiot do not talk about india okay, world knows that pakisthan is ignored in all countries in the world.

        • Lawangeen

          okay sweet heart lets talk about the indian girls….;-) world knows nothing about the Pakistan…

    • wardah

      or india kia hai?? rapest country

      • zafer

        ya i agree that my pakisthan is a terrorist country.

      • iqbal

        you see boss , we have strong women law in country to protect women okay, then what happen in 1971 with bangladesh you idiot pakisthan

  • flowers

    yey!!love srk!

  • Sankar


  • Ben B

    This is money colored with the blood of Indian soldiers. A new height of hipocracy, we are being attacked by Pakistan, there is uproar in our

    parliament and across the world, our border areas are being mortar shelled and Shahrukh Khan is busy minting money in the enemy country, the

    country which sent armed terrorists to kill hundreds in his own "beloved city" Mumbai!!!! The most he can say is – "This is art, freedom of

    expression, etc, etc" well, if you say so put it up for free. I strongly urge, request, implore all patriotic Indians to BOYCOTT SHAHRUKH KHAN AND

    HIS MOVIES, SHOWS, ETC till he does not stop selling his movies in Pakistan and also apologizes in open media to all the martyrs of our armed

    forces who have sacrificed their lives so that he can safely make his films in Mumbai which he should know is in India. Shame on

    him…shame….shame and shame…..