How much is too much? Rethinking our obsessions


We spend a good chunk of our day either watching dramas or reading something related to our favorite celebrities. Admit it, that’s why we end up here! While it’s great that we have this platform that allows us the freedom to express our views, engage in conversations circling around our favorites, I’ve noticed it’s not just limited to our likes/ dislikes. We are slowly becoming obsessed with their very existence. Celebrities. They are people just like us except they’ve been glorified to the heights of worship. With social media becoming increasingly accessible, we are falling deeper and deeper into the abyss.

It’s great to see the passion people have for their favorites. The good wishes, the cheers, but that has also given rise to the self-proclaimed defenders- those who vow to stand by their chosen ones no matter what. This is fast becoming an unhealthy fixation for both males and females- young, impressionable minds are easily getting swayed by their media heroes. Whether it influences their dressing, way of talking, body language, choice of sporting particular brands, it’s getting ridiculously out-of-control.


This new culture of obsessive, compulsive behavior has created a new breed of social media inclined individuals who are missing the point- their own individuality! Everyone is either a die-hard fan worshiping the aura of their favorites. We have no dearth of clones walking around us- be it a Khirad clone or an Asher clone, etc. Girls are trying too hard to become a replica of their favorite character and placing unrealistic expectations on themselves. When you try too hard to become someone you are not, you lose yourself in the bargain.


Liking someone is great- but fixating on them is borderline madness. Let’s try and be ourselves – appreciate who we are and not become a figment of someone else’s imagination. Our differences make us unique- we should appreciate the diversity and embrace our individuality. And believe me when I say this- it’s not just the girls; the guys are not far behind! We need to understand that TV is a medium to unwind and relax. We shouldn’t make it the centre-focus of our lives. There is so much more to life than television. Let’s take a step back and re-evaluate ourselves. Let’s start to live again!

I would love to hear your thoughts- I know many of us feel very strongly but a discussion should primarily encourage positive dialogue and only then can it leave a lasting impact. Let’s get talking!

P.S This article is the result of a recent chat conversation I was having with a friend and fellow reviewer, Zahra Mirza :)

Kanwal Murtaza


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.