How Sanam Jung’s Husband Helped Her Fight Bullying

Sanam Jung started her career as a VJ nad her debut project Dil e Muzter became a mega hit putting her among the most loved actresses of Pakistan. The diva has always been very selective with the work she does and she has adopted a very unique trajectory in her career. Sanam Jung got married to Qassam Jaffri in the very start of her career.

How Sanam Jung's Husband Helped Her Fight Bullying

She was doing HUM TV’s morning show Jago Pakistan Jago at that point when she was expecting her daughter Alaya. Sanam had to go through a lot of bullying. In an interview with Fuchsia, she shared that she used to stand behind chairs on the set and used cue cards to hide herself after her daughter was born. Her latest drama Pyari Mona is also addressing the issue of body shaming.

How Sanam Jung's Husband Helped Her Fight Bullying

She shared that it was a really bad experience for her and she would be really sad when she came back from work. Sanam also shared that designers in Pakistan also do not want to dress women who are not their “standard size” and she struggled to sort her wardrobe. That is when Qassam her husband helped her get through it. He would hold her hands and tell her that she is beautiful and her size would never matter or change anything about the fact that she is beautiful.

How Sanam Jung's Husband Helped Her Fight Bullying

Here is what she said:

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