Humaima Malick Lauds Sister Dua For Wearing Hijab

If you talk about close knit siblings from the industry, it has to be Dua Malik, Humaima Malick and Feroze Khan. The three are simply inseparable and always stand together for one another, no matter what.

humauma dua

And so, when brother Feroze announced he was quitting showbiz for the sake of Islam, it was only a matter of time that his sisters would follow.

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And as starters, Feroze’s sister Dua has adopted the hijab, as her initial step towards the path of Islam.

dua 1

Dua made the announcement on social media stating it had required a lot of courage on her part to make the decision. And now, sister Humaima Malick took to her social media to not only congratulate Dua on her hijab but also to support her for her decision and for staying strong.

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“May Allah also guide us to the right and only path. Hijab Mubarak,” wrote Humaima on her Twitter.

Adding further, the actress stated, “Dua you have always been my support and inspiration. I really want to give credit to my sister for becoming our inspiration to make us aware the right and wrong path. Dua I am so proud of you for remaining firm on your decision one choosing this religious path.”

Its only a matter of time to see whether Humaima too will follow in the footsteps of her brother and sister. As close as these siblings are, it seems rather certain that Humaima too will be leaving showbiz in no time at all.

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