Humayun Saeed And Ahmed Ali Butt’s Friendly Exchange Over LSA

Many people are disappointed with the LSA nominations that have come out. People have complained that many deserving people and projects were snubbed by Jury and they have been asking questions that why they were not considered. Among all this, Ahmed Ai Butt has gotten the nomination for Best Actor in JPNA2. Ahmed’s character as Miana was loved by everyone who watched the movie and he got a lot of appreciation.

Well, many people started asking why Humayun wasn’t nominated to which Humayun Saeed has replied that Ahmed deserved the nomination more than anyone from the cast of JPNA 2. Ahmed Ali Butt who is known for his funny bone thanked him with a Punjab Nahi Jaongi reference. Check out the friendly exchange between the two stars:

Humayun Saeed And Ahmed Ali Butt's Friendly Exchange Over LSA

Pakeeza Dar