Humayun Saeed and Yasir Nawaz speak about young actors in the industry

The film industry of Pakistan might seem like it’s all full of glitz and glamor from the outside but the inside story is always different.

Two of the senior members of the industry have recently talked about what goes on behind the scene and we bring it to you.

Humayun Saeed told Dawn, Images:

“There are young actors who have barely made a place for themselves but who will arrive late or demand that a certain kind of car is enlisted to transport them to and fro from shooting locations” “If we are traveling, they will require a certain hotel for their stay even though the producers themselves may be staying elsewhere. The demands go on and on and as filmmakers, we try to fulfill many of them and keep things professional. But when stars create difficulties we are unlikely to work with them in our next project.”

Yasir Nawaz also talked about the struggles he faced while shooting his movie, Wrong No where his two leading ladies had some issue with each other:

“They refused to talk to one another and had these frustrating preconceived notions about each other. They’d come to me cribbing about each other and I’d have to iron things out,” the director-producer had revealed.

“It’s a problem with the new generation of actors. They start thinking too highly about themselves even though their careers have only just started out.”

While talking about young stars complaining about their scenes being cut, Humayun Saeed said:

“Experienced actors sometimes have a sense of what will work on screen and what won’t, whe. working with younger scriptwriters or directors, they frequently make suggestions that are taken into serious consideration. It may not have anything at all to do with internal politics, especially in ventures financed by big production houses.”