Humayun Saeed Reveals About Reason Of Not Having Kids

Humayun Saeed is one of the most famous actors in Pakistan. He has a substantial fan following in Pakistan since the beginning of his career and he is often ranked amongst the highest-paid TV actors of his time.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of Pakistan. In recent years, he has starred in a number of commercially successful films. He is often called as Box Office King in Pakistan.

Humayun Saeed Reveals About Reason Of Not Having KidsHumayun Saeed appeared in an interview where he talked about his first love and revealed interesting details about his life. He revealed his first love and said:

Before Samina, I was in love with someone but not anymore. She did not do right with me and ditched me in love. She broke my heart and I cried a lot. She was very cute and energetic. Her energy was very positive.”

Humayun Saeed Reveals About Reason Of Not Having KidsHumayun Saeed recalled his first love and shared, “I remember we used to go to the beach and she was a wild kind of and loved to attend parties. She did not know driving and I helped her to learn it. She had different energy which I loved. I was a very shy person but she used to take me out of that zone and that’s why I loved her.”

Humayun Saeed Reveals About Reason Of Not Having KidsThe Mere Paas Tum ho star described how one should behave with their loved ones and said, “Give time, praise people, take care of your loved ones. Ignore mistakes and love their good qualities even love their mistakes and you will actually fall in love.


Humayun Saeed is married to Samina Humayun and the couple does not have any kids. He revealed the reason for not having kids and said, “We had some issues because of that we could not have children. It is God’s choice. I love all the children.”

Humayun Saeed Reveals About Reason Of Not Having KidsCheck out Humayun Saeed’s complete interview:


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  • Wow,a Pakistani man,still married to same woman ,not having kids,yet dramas are all about men marrying 4,5,6,7 times ,with stories of Pakistani men wanting kids and specifically male children ! Very progressive thinking !

  • People not even for kids, for girlfriend, for no reason, wants more wives… But it’s good that someone is loyal, in our schedule society good% is loyal, but in western societies you could not find single loyal person, our society is following western and that’s bad… After couple of years we will not find single loyal person in this earth

  • But these people are losers they have sell their soul to spread vulgarity among peoples. We all are running towards death and certainly these actions have zero values in the immortal life. Soooooo sad.

  • A good Muslim should have more wife’s and more children , and teach them Islamic knowledge so they can spread Islam , this humayun is concentrated on his youngness wland feels proud of it , when it is going to fade away , if he love ALLAH more than anything than he will marry more wife and have kids not feel like a poor emotional guy to gain fake compassion that it is ALLAH wish , he must have marry more wife’s

  • I read some of the comments here and people are like ‘wow you are something out of this world’ as you don’t have kids but still married to the same women. So first of all may be the issue is in Humayoun and secondly as Humayoun is a Muslim Islam allows him to marry 4 women’s at a time so why people commenting here are portraying that if a person in Pakistan specialy don’t have kids from the first wife he marries 4 times I mean what sin is he making as our religion allows us? So please refrain from such comments.

    • It is because it is considered bad in Pakistan to second marriage if your first wife doesn’t allow you

  • As such the world is overpopulated- rather than having
    More Islam believers I would concentrate on quality of life in Islamic country- constant wars – bombing – killing- terrorist activities – there is no end – oh yes
    Why r u asking men to have more wives and more children . Don’t u think women should have same liberty?

  • Why this praise for Humayyun??? What if he has some medical issue and not being able to produce kids?? Why in every case v assume that the wife is having some problem??? Believe me if samina Humayyun is having some medical issue Humayyun would have never shied away from sharing that my wife is having some medical issue but men who are having some medical issue they declaer that WE are having some problem….I m saying this coz I m going through same situation my husband is having some problem and he is not coming forward to own it say it and his family even other people believe that I m a laier and an owe of my husband that he loves me so much that he even doesn’t want to marry for second to to have kids

  • Humayun is a very nice person and I thing nobody should talk about his personal life they are having no kids means lots of blessing with them coz God keeps lots of blessings n gifts to whom who has no kid in this world and also in the other world n nobody knows about that gift so please shut all of you your mouth only keep eye on you own issues problem n mistakes and pray to God that He always keep you in His blessings ok

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