I Feel That I Am Very Young And My Heart Is Young, Says Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir in her morning show talks about how one must not feel depressed by thinking of becoming old.

Talking of famous TV show hosts, we cannot forget Nida Yasir. Her TV show is one of the most-watched shows in Pakistan.

Recently, Nida in her morning show talked about how one can carry herself/himself gracefully at every age. She bragged about how she looks young at this age even.

I just wanted to tell you if you are old that’s not a problem, you can look young. Seriously, I am not lying maybe I look old wearing makeup but whenever I go out I tie a pony and do soft makeup and in that nobody believes that I am a mother of three kids,” Nida shared.

She further continued and said, “I feel very good to hear this. When I am with my son people don’t believe that he is my son. I feel that I am young, my heart is young.”

Talking about becoming old she advised to carry yourself gracefully and added, “When I will be old I will carry myself gracefully because every age has it’s fun. I think in older age I will have granddaughters and grandsons, I will be their grandmother. So carry yourself gracefully in every age, do not go into depression by thinking about your age.”

What are your views on this?

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  • Her morning show is pathetic. .except Desi title,make up and wedding s she has nothing new to show. .I don’t understand that why ary is not replacing her show with showing some good content. .

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