I keep the green passport with pride, says hareem.

Hareem says she keeps green passport with pride and also an actor with the vision to change world’s mind set about Pakistan because its our weakness that world does not know about immensely talented people. She expressed herself in rewind with samina peerzada.Hareem says since very start I knew acting is my passion and I will be persuing it as profession. She said since college I started theatre and literally gave my blood to this passion. She said we were so passionate in our dreams of becoming actors that we did everything from mopping the stage to making tea on set, we were the team, we were the actors and we were the spot boys.She says that my vision is way bigger than being only an actor, I want to show world our image through this, thats why I joined show biz, she spoke her heart out in Rewind with Samina peerzada. She says I wear green with pride and my passport is my identity and we could see it in her eyes, the little droplets of tears were all seen and make us her fan.Hareem was effortlessly friendly at the show and she just told about her journey how she started from the scratch. And yes, its only us who just see the success but not the struggle. Pakistan is full of struggle stories.Screenshot 20190809 041507 Screenshot 20190809 041524 Screenshot 20190809 041541 Screenshot 20190809 041559Screenshot 20190809 050149


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